Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Freezing cold in Greenwich Park

I think this squirrel was as cold as I was! he was certainly more friendly than the evil one who visits our garden.


Anonymous said...

Hi looks like you were the only people in the park.I loved the photo of the squirrel, you can see all his toes on his back leg great detail.

Thinking Out Loud said...

he was really friendly and desperate for food. Mum tried to get a photo, but all she got was the end of his tail as he moved too fast.

Lajoni said...

Hi, I'm sorry I haven't popped by for so long its just I have been so busy painting and doing commissions of pencil portraits...

The photos of the squirrel are so lovely.
Oh and I love the Dire Straits backing track

Take Care x

Thinking Out Loud said...

It was a really cold day and he rushed up to me. I gave him some mixed corn we keep in the car to feed the birds with,but he didn't seem keen. I expect the tourists normally give him sandwiches!