Thursday, April 08, 2010

The butterflies are here!

This isn't the first butterfly we have seen in our garden this year, but The Peacock is always so nice to see. It is warm and sunny today which obviously encouraged it out.


Anonymous said...

Hi Matthew
The butterfly looks like its just waiting to have its photo taken.Great picture.

Thinking Out Loud said...

Yes, I think it posed for me. I wanted to get closer but I thought it might fly away.

Lajoni said...

Its a beautiful picture...and thank you so much for your thoughtful words on my blog about Jessie my dog.
She seems to be doing fine at the moment, still falling but not as often and shes spending more time with us outside with this lovely weather.
Thank you gain I really appreciate it
Paula x

SweetAnnee said...

It is gorgeous. We don't have those here.