Saturday, November 21, 2009

Children in need 2009. BBC Newsreaders & Diversity

This is more my mum's sort of music really!!!!! but it is jolly good fun to watch. I stayed tuned in until about 1.00am. Give something if you can, it all helps.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Please Sir

I have always enjoyed this film - and the series. Good fun!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Jigsaws and puzzles

I expect most of you out there are good at jigsaw puzzles. Apart from the simple ones I did as a young child, I've always found them difficult.

Tried a number of times over the years but just gave up! a lot of brain surgery and having to take thirteen pills a day means that sometimes it's hard to concentrate.

A couple of days ago though I bought this puzzle at out local Hobbycraft store - and not only completed it, but enjoyed it too.

Use it or lose it they say and I've always tried to keep the brain cells functioning. Apart from my other hobbies I do word searches and simple sudoku and watch general knowledge quizzes and political programmes. That way I try to improve my general knowledge.

This are all simple pleasures but worthwhile in my opinion. When your life has limitations you need get on with it in the best way as you can.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Guru Nanak

I enjoyed this procession today. It was a celebration of Guru Nanak. they were banging a lot of drums and some of them were sweeping in front of the procession - i think it was symbolic.

We saw it last year but didn't like to take photos. This time I saw others were, so I did too. Some of the older men smiled and waved at us and they brought us over some fruit.

They had a lot of police with them, but I don't think they were in danger from anyone so I expect it was just procedure.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Having a moan

This isn't really a moan as I'm glad to still be alive - but sometimes life is quite hard. I'm a cheerful bloke but even I find things hard going at times.

Over about the last seven years ( apart from 2 major surgeries for more brain tumours)I've had several dozen skin cancers on my face and head treated They have been cut out, burnt, frozen and even treated witha special cream which explodes the cancer cells. The cream is particularly nasty and never works anyway.

The skin cancers were caused through radiotherapy given to me 32 years ago. At that time the dose wasn't controlled and the few of us that have survived this long are paying the price.

At my last skin clinic appointment I was told they had a new form of light treatment, not laser, and I had another 5 to treat. Some were to be cut out and some done with light.

When I went this morning they cut out SEVEN! and I still have more to be done with light.

I've had so many injections my face and neck are numb and I have plasters all over me! I went to bed after after I came home and had lunch but I feel a bit better now though

What with brain tumours and kidney disease too, I wonder what it must be like to be ABLE BODIED AND HEALTHY? I'll never know that, so if you are then look after yourself and don't take anything for granted.

Glad I've got it off my chest. now I'm smiling again.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Our local woods

The map above is produced by our local council, who I hope don't mind me using it
I took these photos a couple of days ago. The top photo shows the road which runs between our woods and leads down to where we live. If you look carefully a baby squirrel is rushing across the road