Sunday, March 14, 2010

Foxes and Chickens

Yesterday afternoon dad let the chickens out and stood with them as usual, then from nowhere came a fox, grabbed one and made off with it!

When you keep chickens you start to hate foxes. Over the years, despite all our care, they have even broken in and taken hens and chicks.

They kill plants in the garden and foul everywhere - which stinks!

Stupid neighbours think they are lovely - mange and all - and STILL feed and encourage them. I am against foxhunting but I think foxes are vermin. We have more in the towns than the country now I think.


Lajoni said...

I agree with you on this, that although I am against foxhunting which I think is barbaric..... I do think foxes are a pest but some people are taken in by the big brown eyes

Anonymous said...

Hi You are right about there being more foxes in the town than the country.My sister in law lives on Romney Marsh and the only time they see a fox is when they visit us here in Belverdere

Thinking Out Loud said...

It is sad to see them looking thin and mangy, so i do feel sorry for them in that respect, but they are also a pest. definitely against foxhunting though, it's just a cruel SPORT