Thursday, November 12, 2009

Jigsaws and puzzles

I expect most of you out there are good at jigsaw puzzles. Apart from the simple ones I did as a young child, I've always found them difficult.

Tried a number of times over the years but just gave up! a lot of brain surgery and having to take thirteen pills a day means that sometimes it's hard to concentrate.

A couple of days ago though I bought this puzzle at out local Hobbycraft store - and not only completed it, but enjoyed it too.

Use it or lose it they say and I've always tried to keep the brain cells functioning. Apart from my other hobbies I do word searches and simple sudoku and watch general knowledge quizzes and political programmes. That way I try to improve my general knowledge.

This are all simple pleasures but worthwhile in my opinion. When your life has limitations you need get on with it in the best way as you can.

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