Tuesday, December 07, 2010


I'm writing this for Matthew (mum) - he has had a stroke caused by a blocked, collapsed carotid artery. The collapse of the artery is thought to have been caused by the radiotherapy all those years ago (which also caused 2 meningiomas and dozens of skin cancers on his face and head).

He is in the Royal London Hospital where his care is minimal and what little care he does get is atrocious. He has had several falls through receiving no help when we haven't been with him.

After note

Matthew was attacked in the night two weeks later by the patient in the next bed who had a nurse 'minder' Beside him. Unfortunately at night it was a young slightly built woman who couldn't stop him. Matthew was very upset and rang us to come and get him. The tunnel was closed overnight though, so we couldn't get there until early next morning.

The nurse in charge said Matthew was a bit upset!!! No apologies...

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