Tuesday, June 17, 2014

My Post Box

I have been reminded that I haven't written on here for ages. The photo shows the real old postbox I got   last year. the thing on the top of it isn't mine, it's my mum's beefeater  ice bucket. I think both things being in red they don't look too bad together though.


Anonymous said...

Iv missed you writing. Your post box looks very interesting I wonder how many letters have been posted in it over the years.


Dawn McHugh said...

I love the post box, can I ask were you bought it from :-)

Thinking Out Loud said...

Mum and dad got it for me. i will ask mum as I know she bought it from a company that does all the genuine post boxes and telephone boxes. I will get back to you when I come out of hospital. I haven't gone in yet waiting for them to call me back about bed

Thinking Out Loud said...

I have asked mum and she is looking but can't find the bill anywhere. I hope you manage to get one though